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About Us

Neighbourhood Houses work with their communities to get things done, tackle issues and support each other through good and bad times. If you have an idea for your community and need some support to get things off the ground then come and talk to us at the House and we’ll talk about how we can help. We love to hear from our community and get involved.

We have a range of children’s activities and adult learning opportunities during terms and some school holidays. We support local community groups – whether it’s providing a space for them to meet or giving them assistance with funding applications. Come and talk to us about your ideas and how we can help your group realise their dreams. We also run our own community-building activities such as the Woodend Community Lunch and the Woodend Repair Cafe.

Melissa Baker is the Manager looking after the day-to-day running of the House.  Melissa is supported by Helen (Activities Coordinator), Paula (Room Bookings Officer) and Lillian (House Keeper) as well as a team of volunteers on the front desk.

Our Vision:

Woodend Neighbourhood House sees Woodend as a connected community, inclusive of all, respecting differences and fostering responsive capacity.

Our Mission: 

To build, strengthen and connect our community in order to create a community that is resilient.

Our Purpose: 

Woodend Neighbourhood House Inc. is a public institution which has the charitable purpose of advancing social and public welfare by:

* Providing a place that is welcoming, safe and inclusive

* Advancing mental health and preventing social isolation

* Offering affordable and accessible activities and programs to reduce loneliness, increase social connection and improve health and wellbeing

* Building community capacity and resilience that is responsive to the needs of the Woodend community and surrounding area

Download our Strategic Plan (Oct 2020 until Sep 2022)

Our History

Woodend Neighbourhood House Inc started its life as a short-term drop-in centre after the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983. Run by local members of the Red Cross, it became the impetus for a community-led recovery and support centre that then grew into what we are today.


It became incorporated in 1984, open for one day a week; it has had many different names and venues in its 40 year life. Its most recent home, as the Woodend Neighbourhood House, is the Woodend Community Hub, a space that was built onto an existing old house in 2006 and has delivered a lovely shared space for community use.


We are open five days a week, we hire rooms for functions and meetings after hours and provide learning and connection opportunities for all members of our community.

Woodend Neighbourhood House 2022-03-29-00763.jpg

Committee of Governance

The House is led by a community Committee of Governance, currently, eight members are made up of interested and skilled community members. We are always looking for new members to join our committee.

If you have a passion for your community and want to get involved and support new initiatives and ideas then talk to us about joining our committee. 


If you are interested the House Manager can give you an overview of what’s involved and put you in touch with our President.


The House receives funding through the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing' Neighbourhood House Coordination Program. 

Strengthening our community by supporting community groups is an important part of our business.


Many local community groups call our space home. 

Woodend Neighbourhood House 2022-03-10-05188.jpg

Get Involved

Become a member and support Woodend Neighbourhood House to support our community. The house is an important place for locals to make connections.

The House is a member-driven organisation, just like any other small incorporated association, and has a small membership fee that delivers benefits to members such as Wi-Fi access at the House and access to our free activities. We want your input; by becoming a member it also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the  direction of the house!

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