Woodend Neighbourhood House

  • Pottery with a wheel Monday- Term 1
    Monday, 3 February  2020 - Monday, 24 February  2020
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The 4 classes are offered at the tutor’s studio in Kyneton, an approximate 20 minute drive from Woodend Neighbourhood House, not accessible by public transport.  Details on how to get there will be sent out once registration is confirmed.

Please note: this class has a minimum and maximum number of two students, as such most enrolments will be placed on a waiting list and notified of availability. Suitable for beginners.

Contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (5427 1845) to be placed on the list.

Pottery – Hand Building classes are also held in the “Undercroft” at Woodend Neighbourhood House.

What’s it all about?pottery-04

Using clay you will create a number a pieces made on a potters wheel. Over four weeks you will learn how to handle clay, using specifically designed tools, then learn to use the Potter’s wheel and about how and why we use certain types of glazes.

 What will we cover?

You will create a number of pieces, starting with a series of small bowls, cups and vases. creating a body of work which can be used in unison which will then be glazed with suitable food-safe environmental friendly glazes.

  • Week 1: Learn about the different types of clay available, discuss their qualities and why they are used for certain methods of building objects out of clay. Also we will learn how to knead clay and use a potters wheel to produce a series of bowls.
  • Week 2: We will follow on from week 1 and continue on with improving our skills and produce a series of vessel useful for drinking tea.
  •  Week 3: By this time you will have created a series of works. We will talk about different methods of how to finish the work off, so it is able to be presented in the best possible way.
  • Week 4: Glazing week, we will talk about different types of glazes and why they are used. You will glaze your work, using a variety of techniques, which will complement your pieces made over the previous three weeks. The finished work will be ready for collection the following Thursday after week 4.

Learn the fundamental techniques of ceramics. If you have no experience working with clay, that’s O.K. you don’t need any previous experience to work with clay!

Study the properties of different sorts of clay, learn how to handle the clay with specialist tools with a focus on wheel based building techniques. Create a number of pieces that can be fired in the tutors kiln.


What do I need to bring?

  • Enthusiasm to learn something new.
  • Wear old clothes, clay can be messy!
  • An old towel.
  • Plastic shopping bags, we use these to wrap up your pots, so they dry
    out at an even rate.


Who will be teaching?pottery-03

Andrew Bloxsome Studio Ceramics is located in Kyneton, a small town on the Macedon Ranges of Central Victoria. Our handcrafted pottery reflects the richly diverse landscape of this area. Each piece is handmade using traditional methods of production kneaded with a modern proactive design aesthetic.

Clay is our medium of choice because of its refined capacity to explicate a story.

Our functional line of pottery is made from stoneware clay. Stoneware clays have a rich history in functional and art pottery in cultures from East to West. Stoneware clays are some of the strongest most reliable of all ceramic material, they can exhibit the brightness of fine marble through to the ephemeral colour and stalwart characteristics of natural stone.


Instagram: andrew_bloxsome



Kyneton, Victoria, 3444, Australia

Pottery using a Wheel – Monday Evening

Monday, 3 February 2020 -
Monday, 24 February 2020

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Andrew Bloxsome Studio Ceramics, Kyneton